Student Programs
News & Notes
                                             Meetings held at : www.salemathenaeum.net
                                     **Extra events - open to public Contact 978-979-0574
 Sat., June 7, 11 a,m, Literary Lunch begins new day & time of
       our meetings. Review 'Dickens Inferno', Brit sweets, & meet
       our new members. puzzle

July 5 no mtg., 4th of July Holiday

July 27 early bird registration deadline for conference

August 2 - Lamplighter discussion,

September 6th- Bleak House Ch. 1-12, Knickerbocker (bring a topping)

**Sept. 26-29, 2014
 1st. Bi-Annual North American Dickens Conference

 Find your Victorian bad !
A weekend of Dickens with a
variety of presentations.

For fans, leisure readers, teachers,
librarians, and all those interested
in local history with New Englands
most famous authors ! Deadline September 8, 2014

Oct. 4th Bleak House Ch. 12-28-surprise (held at British Beer Company, RTE 114, Peabody)
Nov. 1st Bleak House Ch. 29-35 Bread Pudding
Dec. 6th Bleak House Ch.36-50 Bakewell apricot tart
Dec. 11, Thursday, Ch 51-67 Christmas Dinner &
                Fundraiser for Athenaeum
Jan. 3rd, Old Curiosity Shop Ch. 1-12 Scones & Jam

Feb 7th, Old Curiosity Shop Ch. 13-27 Maides of Honor
March 7th. Old Curiosity Shop Ch. 28-38 Lemon Tarts
April 4th, Old Curiosity Shop Ch. 39- 57 Knickerbocker Glory
May 2nd, Old Curiosity Shop Ch. 57-73 end Spring Berries Cake

                                  NOBB members go toAnnual 2015 Conference
The Annual Conference has an important role to play in the organisation of the Fellowship. However, the official business of any conference is usually disposed of in half a day and the rest of the time is devoted to lectures, outings and entertainment.
  Bristol, England
   23-28 July 2015