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        History of the Dickens Fellowship

                                           North North of Boston Branch                        

                             The Fellowship was founded in London in 1902.            

       Objectives:   These were "to knit together in a common bond of friendship lovers of the great master humor and pathos,                  Charles Dickens",  to spread the love of humanity, to campaign against those that most concerned Dickens, and "to assist in the preservation and purchase of  bbuildings and objects associated  with his name or mentioned in his works".


       In a change to the Constitution agreed in 2005, an additional objective was introduced - to promote the   knowledge and appreciation of his works.   This was to reflect the change in emphasis of the Fellowship's activities.   The newest enhance the promotion,  readership,  education of Dickens with activities and events .

North of Boston Branch~~~~~Founded Spring 2010 Founder Deb Benvie just returning from a London trip had become taken  with the Dickens Museum and Fellowship.   Upon her return to  Massachusetts area she realized that the closest Fellowship was in Greater Boston.   Soon after a call was sent out for Dickens Fans.The North of Boston Branch was soon born and is now a Chartered Branch #204, status through the London Office.   The Salem Athenaeum is the base for the literary group and has served the membership well.   We hope to participate and forward Dickens literary works through the many cultural festivals, and events held in the area. 

Meetings are a combination of book club, social events, student programming, study groups, and community service and education.   Members are involved to the degree which suits them and fulfills their personal goals.  Many members enjoy  just book discussions while others enjoy the programming, planning, and activities.   We invite you to join our  Fellowship and rekindle your enjoyment of reading Dickens or start anew.  



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  Membership Fee $15.- Includes:e-news monthly, discounted event fees

 Dec. 5th
11 a.m-1pm
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